"Royal Eggs" custard dessert:

This is typical of the desserts prepared in the Colonial-era convents, most of which have been handed down and made just as they were then. The fact that it is milk-free makes it a good dessert for those who can't eat dairy products.


About product
Egg yolk, sugar and alcohol.
Nutrition facts:
Calories 258, Calories from fat 0
2% Total fat 2g
0% Satured fat 0g
Dietary fiber 0g
0% Potassium 2 mg
20% Carbohidrates 60g
Iodine 0%
1% Sodium 35 mg
Sugars 30g
Proteins 1g
Calcium 0%
Product presentation:
Tin Can / Bottle Glass
600 g (21 oz), 1 kg (2.2 lb)
total, long distances

Note: Product made with egg yolk