Chongos Zamoranos

Prepared with special process with the best quality milk, sugar and cinnamon, the resulting is soft clusters of milk in syrup giving a delicious taste and consistency. If you want to recommend a special touch to add your favorite liquor and dried fruits.

About product:
milk, sugar, cinnamon and rennet
Nutrition facts:
Calories 310, Calories from fat 45
8% Total fat 5g
15% Satured fat 3g
Dietary fiber 5g
8% Potassium 25 mg
21% Carbohidrates 62g
Vitamin A 8%
5% Sodium 125 mg
Sugars 50g
Proteins 4g
Calcium 20%
Product presentation:
Tin Can
Easy open system for individual serving.
220 g (8 oz), 1 kg (2.2 Lb), 4 kg (8.8 Lb)
total, long distances