Our history

Talk about Dulces Regionales Tres Reyes is back to the past of Michoacan's sweet known as "Chongo Zamorano".

There are several versions about the origin of Chongo Zamorano. One of them indicates that in the late eighteenth century, a nun forgot the milk on the fire and suddenly began to smell of burning, ran to the kitchen, finding that the milk had become a kind of rennet, the nun tasted and disliked, so she decided to add cinnamon and sugar, born to this way the traditional Zamora's candy. This kind of dessert was served in great feasts.


At the middle of 30's, we had the idea to process them, packed in glass jars at first, but it meant the risk for transportation by their fragility, so we decided use cans, avoiding fracture and damage of the content also avoiding the oxidation of Chongos by sunlight effects.


Chongos Zamoranos Tres Reyes is the pioneer brand, whose product is known desde1958 with the name of its manufacturer Ms. Esperanza Valdez Anaya, then in 1978 became a limited company under the name Dulces Regionales Tres Reyes S.A. de C. V. as at present is known. At the beginning of Chongos manufacturing industry (1934-1935) the elaboration process of Chongos were made in a rustic way, the production was 100 kilograms by day, next the production was increased according to demand, today we have a production capacity of 1500 kg by workshift.


Dulces Regionales Tres Reyes has become a small family business with modern techniques and advances, filling all the requirements of Mexico Food Administration and U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). We have been exporting to the United States of America since 1995.




The competing products are made with milk powder, flour and vegetable fat, and are not original Chongos Zamoranos, are products similars classified by the Mexican Official Standards.