Our company

Tres Reyes is a recognized traditional Mexican sweet manufacturing company with closely guarded family recipes for making superior tasting candies like "Chongos Zamoranos", "Ates" type Morelia (fruit pastes), quince candy, nut custard, royal eggs, Strawberry jam, guava jelly, etc. We innovate new forms of presentation and portability of our products.


Our company is located in the beautiful city of Zamora,to western of Michoacan, a town known for its fertile fields where the best berries are cultivated, also a town with candy manufacturing tradition.


Our mission is to produce and market traditional sweet of the highest quality, meeting the needs of its customers.



Our vision is to be a company committed to society and its environment, ensuring lasting relationships with our workers and business associates, being a profitable company being a profitable company leader in its field.



Dulces Regionales Tres Reyes as its name says it represents traditional sweets and desserts products of the region that have passed from generation to generation, giving fame to Zamora.